How to Write Essays for Scholarships

How to Write Essays for Scholarships

There are some basic rules you should follow when writing your scholarship essay. First, make sure to stick to one page, double spaced, and do not include extra information. Scholarship organizations typically read hundreds or even thousands of essays a year, and you are likely working from the same prompt. That means you must stand out from the competition without wasting the reader’s time. Listed below are some tips for writing a compelling essay.

Avoid common cliches

While composing scholarship essays, it is important to remember that scholarship committees receive hundreds of applications each year. Therefore, avoiding cliches and clichรฉd stories is vital. Also, avoid using curse words and swearing. Scholarships are intended to recognize the applicant’s talent and achievements, not spout off uninformed opinions. Instead, keep the essay focused on the recipient’s merits.

Craft a strong hook

As a scholarship applicant, you must craft a strong hook to catch the attention of the reader. Craft a hook that will build momentum throughout the body paragraphs. Anecdotes are an effective hook because they can show the applicant’s personality. Moreover, personal stories also help readers identify with the applicant. When writing your scholarship essay, try to use a few hooks in a row to find the right one that will hook the reader.

Avoid song lyrics

While citing songs in an essay is relatively easy, it is important to follow the appropriate rules regarding citing song lyrics. Song titles should be in quotation marks, and album names should be italicized. Moreover, song titles ending in question marks or exclamation points must also be in quotation marks. Sometimes, the punctuation may go outside the quotation mark. Additionally, cliches are not good topics to write about because they distract the reader from the purpose of the essay.

Don’t quote others

There’s nothing worse than beginning your scholarship essay with a Googled quote. Although wanting to become a nurse is a worthy goal, using quotations in a scholarship essay is not a good idea. Instead, start your essay by addressing the reader’s question directly. Write one declarative statement answering the main question. Lastly, write an introduction that includes only a few concise sentences and frames your argument.

Create an outline

When you write a scholarship essay, it’s always best to start with an outline. A scholarship essay is generally much shorter than an essay for a college or university application. It’s best to follow a standard format, such as 12-point font size, double-spaced, and one-inch page margins. You may also use a template to help you structure the essay. Here are some tips for writing an outline for a scholarship essay:

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